Deadline for Registration is July 31, 2022. Please send your forms before that date.

Download and fill out the appropriate forms to register to the Empire Dance Championship Events.

For groups interested in purchasing meals for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner throughout the competition, please email
[email protected] or call (561) 268-8648.

Make checks payable to:

Empire Dance Championship
c/o Marielle Pabon
8610 Washington Blvd. Ste 203
Jessup, MD 20794

For event questions please text or call
Max Greenhouse, Event Coordinator
Tel: (561) 268-8648
[email protected]

For entry questions please text or call
Marielle Pabon, Registrar
Tel: (240) 535-2669
[email protected]

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Definition of Couples

A Professional Dancer is one who is registered as a Professional with the NDCA. One who partners a Pro/Am Student Competitor.

An amateur competitor competes with an amateur partner.

Confined to amateurs partnering other than their regular amateur partner; an advanced amateur competitor/teacher partnering another amateur dancer who is his or her student competitor in “Mixed Amateur” competition categories. Both members of Mixed Amateur partnerships must be registered as Amateur Competitors with the NDCA.

The term “Student/Student” refers to a Pro/Am Student Competitor partnering another Pro/Am Student Competitor in heats which are danced simultaneously with Pro/Am events at NDCA sanctioned competitions and championships. Student/Student events are an accommodation for Pro/Am Student Competitors, which are open only to one adult Pro/Am Student Competitor partnering with another adult Pro/Am Student Competitor – both of whom must comply with the requirements as stated in the definition of a Pro/Am Student Competitor. Student/Student events are not open to amateur dancers who compete in Amateur Competitions and/or Championships at the “Open Amateur” proficiency level.

The term singles refer to an amateur dancer (boy or girl) in the following age categories; Pre-Teens, Juniors & Youth, who is partnering an advanced amateur competitor/teacher.

The term Solo refers to an amateur dancer (boy or girl) in the following age categories; Pre-Teens, Juniors & Youth, who is will be judged dancing syllabus routines by themselves in heats without a partner.

Judges will give a score/evaluation. Couples are not judged against other couples