Results 2015

You can now access Empire 2015 results per categories.

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Top Studio
Rank Name
1st Dance With Me
2nd Horvath-Krol
3rd Big Apple Ballroom
4th Fred Astaire Boca Raton
5th Academy Dancesport – Arietta
6th Dance Obsession
7th Arthur Murray 5th Ave
8th Rogers Dance Studio – Tuft
9th Paul Pellicoro's Dancesport
10th Manhattan Ballroom – Mikuljan
Top Teachers
Rank Name
1st Dariusz Horvath Krol [Horvath-Krol]
2nd Ronny Dutra [Dance With Me]
3rd Michael Choi [Big Apple Ballroom]
4th James Brann [Fred Astaire Boca Raton]
5th Francesco Arietta [Academy Dancesport – Arietta]
6th Srdjan Mikuljan [Manhattan Ballroom – Mikuljan]
7th A. Vukosavljevic [Manhattan Ballroom – Vukosavljevic]
8th DJ Hummel [Hummel – Independent]
9th Yusimi Cruz [Queen City Ballroom]
10th Andrzej Przybyl [Dance Elite]
Top 10 Students
Points Name
1st Mirna Cardona [Horvath-Krol]
2nd Sharon Weich [Fred Astaire Boca Raton]
3rd Rosemary Cabrera [Horvath-Krol]
4th Candace Caplin [Dance With Me]
5th Allen Brown [Avant Garde Ballroom]
6th Sharon Thomas [Hummel – Independent]
7th Charlene Proctor [Big Apple Ballroom]
8th Allen Harris [Academy Ballroom – Besarab]
9th Ady Djerassi [Academy Dancesport – Arietta]
10th Anita Levin [Long Island Ballroom]

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